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Many voters feel left out of politics and are frustrated by the incompetence of current leaders.

  • They want leaders who will tackle the challenges of the next decade like threats from the Chinese Government, cyberterrorism and assaults against our energy independence.
  • But they also want leaders who will address current problems like inflation, a festering border crisis, rising crime, people feeling worse off financially than they did two years ago.
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Because our choices are lacking, less than 20% of Republican general election voters actually vote in the GOP primaries.

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If we want more voters participating in primaries, we need leaders who will deal with the future AND fix the present.

That will let us nominate better candidates and win more general elections.

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If more GOP voters participated in primaries, we would nominate better candidates and win more elections.

This is how we win

Future leaders fund

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FLF is dedicated to getting more people to vote in GOP primaries, so we can nominate candidates who can tackle challenges of the future while fixing our current problems, candidates who will help us win more national elections.

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Will Hurd is a former Congressman from Texas, CIA officer, cybersecurity expert, and the author of 2022’s American Reboot: An Idealist’s Guide To Getting Big Things Done. He is a strong believer is putting policy over politics, and using public service to make people’s lives better.

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